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Shooting with maya is the most stress free, creatively invigorating, and fun experience I’ve ever had with any photographer. I work with a series of photographers on a regular basis- and I can say with confidence that none of them compare to Maya’s talent, drive, and professionalism. The final product never fails to amaze anyone who has the privilege to see her work.

-Emma Norton 


Maya is definitely the best photographer I have done photoshoots with! She is so much fun and has such a nice and outgoing personality! She makes taking photos really easy and not awkward at all! I 10/10 recommend getting your photos taken by her.

-Avery Lang


Doing shoots with Maya is truly different then any other photographers. She makes the models feel welcome and makes them feel like she wants to be photographing them. She has a constant positive attitude and knows how to get the best pictures possible. Maya is always a go to for me because of the hard work she puts in and the enjoyable environment she provides, wherever it may be.

-Megan Sweet


Shooting with Maya was one of my best photoshoot experiences. She makes you feel comfortable and it's fun so the photos are more genuine! I loved the photos and editing and still use them for everything. They are 100% the best photos taken of me. If you are looking for a sweet, funny photographer that will act like your best friend, definitely choose Maya!

-Reegan Parker


Maya is the best photographer I know!! She’s so amazing at what she does and never fails to send me AMAZING pictures! She always makes sure you get every shot you want and that you are comfortable with everything! She’s so nice and mature and amazing to work with! Her prices are also very reasonable! I would definitely recommend getting photos done by her!

-Makayla Finch


Shooting with maya is so easy and very enjoyable. She makes sure you are comfortable and is very talkative. She is so flexible and her photography skills are overall amazing! She is so sweet and kind! She is not awkward and acts like your bestfriend from the start! 

-Leila Fleck


Maya’s photography is super amazing. She makes every shoot extremely fun and makes taking photos feel more natural to the person posing. Maya is super sweet and every photoshoot is such an amazing experience. She knows so much about cameras and what she is doing. Her editing on the photos is also phenomenal and she can make anyone feel like a real super model!

-Hayden Jones


Maya's photoshoots are really an entire experience and are so fun. Not only is she so sweet and fun to be around, the pictures always turn out amazing. She really has a natural talent for photography and can make everyone look amazing!

-Tessa Upah


"My shoots with maya have been an amazing experience, she is hands down the best photographer I know. The photos I’ve received from her have been the best photos anyone has taken of me. If your ever looking for a photographer maya is the person to call!"

-Shay Round


"Shooting with Maya is by far a must!!! She is such an amazing photographer and makes you feel very comfortable! Not to mention the pictures turn out amazing and really good quality! I definitely recommend booking a shoot with her, it’s lovely!"

-Karni P.


shooting with maya is honestly so much fun. she’s great and so sweet and the photos end up so good. the quality is amazing and she can make anyone look like a model in 100% of the photos and with every person she photographs.

-mia h.


"My shoot with Maya was so amazing, fantastic, fun, and all of the above. She is so good at what she loves. Her photographs are phenomenal. Maya’s skills and techniques are so good. She definitely met my satisfaction with my shoot. So if you need any photos taken, I personally 10/10 highly recommend Maya!"

-savanah sandoval 


"going into the shoot i was nervous since i hadn’t done a shoot in so long but she made it so easy and comfortable and helped me feel so confident when taking them. she knows all the right poses and places to go and i couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. i have referred her to many friends and family in fact she will do our family photos in the fall. i not only found my favorite photographer i made a new friend!"

-caroline c. 


Maya is hands down the most cooperative photographer I have worked with for my photoshoots. She takes high quality pictures and the final product is so pleasing to the eye. My experiences working with her are ones I can never forget. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you’re in need of a photoshoot!

-sophia sevic 


"i've only had the chance to do one shoot with maya but from that one shoot i got many pictures i love, which isn’t normal for me. when doing photo shoots with maya i noticed she makes it all about you && what you feel comfortable doing. the price to do a shoot with her is affordable && she donates some of it to a charity!! if you are looking for a photographer i would 100% go to maya you will not be disappointed." 

-katie fidler


The photoshoot I did with Maya was totally worth the money. Maya is the greatest photograph and I got the best photos ever taken of me. Thanks so much Maya!

-stella tomeo


"Maya is absolutely incredible!! It takes 2 skills to be a great photographer: 1) The photography skills and 2) The social skills that come with it. Maya made me feel so comfortable which made my photos turn out that much better, not to mention the stellar quality and technique she possesses with photo taking. I am so so thankful that she took my photos!!"

-sophia stohler


i love doing shoots with maya. the photos she takes of me are amazing and would 10/10 recommend. i love her editing and her overall photography. definitely call her if you’re looking for a photographer !!

-jessi k. 

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